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AGW "Denialist"? What?

Personally, I have no problem with the observation that the earth is, figuratively speaking, moving along a graph of temperature. This is the normal course of events. This will continue. The changes are minor, and slow, as always. We will, as long as we are residents unable to leave, have to deal with them. Our presence is certainly not without consequence, and the (probably totally swamped by other effects, such as precipitation) output of considerable CO2 lately is one of them.

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Technology Predictions

I often read the predictions of futurists with interest; it is always enjoyable for me to consider what they have to say, why I might agree or disagree, and mentally file them away for later validation – or not.

Today, I’m going to venture a few predictions of my own, based on the state of affairs that exists in early March, 2009. The idea is to re-visit them in the years to come and see how many, if any, were close to how things actually develop.

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