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Marantz AV7005 – Home Theater

6527948817_ace4721f6b_mFunny (short) story: I wasn’t actually ready to step up to the AV7005, but our Denon receiver in the library was “gifted” with some cat vomit through the top cooling vents; I didn’t know it had happened, because the back of the receiver was through-wall and sort of invisible inside a closet on the other side of that wall. So the Denon just kept on working until eventually, the acid in the vomit actually ate through some of its wiring. Nice, eh? Silly cat.

So the Denon went downstairs into my shop, where it will likely sit until the weather warms up (our basement is cold!) and I”m willing to sit there, rip it apart and fix it. My Sony 7.1 receiver then moved from our home theater to our library (and I built an anti-cat cover for the unit, there will be no more “vomit surprises”), and then I picked up the Marantz AV7005 and some MA-700 amplifiers to serve in our home theater — I’d been eying this specific unit for a while, and well, as I told She Who Must Be Obeyed, “the cat made me do it.” I can’t say I’m depressed over the upgrade, but this wasn’t exactly how I thought it would come about.
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Home Theater: Thinking Big. Really Big!

As some of you know, Deb and I bought an old Nazarene church in 2006 with the idea of converting it into our home. It was, once the pews and other church furniture were removed, basically a big, empty cube. One of the key features that weighed in on the decision to purchase the building was a large space behind the pulpit that we could see was about 16:9. We thought that would make a great theater; and after a fair amount of work and kicking equipment around, it turns out that was right. Here’s what we ended up with:

204" 1080p DLP FP home theater
I pushed the shadow levels up so the details of the system are easier to see; this makes the projected image look like it isn’t getting very black, but it actually is — DLP projectors make good blacks

You’re looking at a 17 foot (205 inch) diagonal, 1080p projection system with well over a thousand watts RMS distributed across 7.1 channels. It presently features a Mac (as media librarian), DirecTV / HD-DVR, 16-channel IR/color 1 TB security DVR, SVHS, DVD, MD, CD, Sirius sat. radio, XM sat. radio, broadcast HD receiver, blueray / PS3, HD-DVD / XBox360, PS2, XBox, Gamecube, and a Wii. The receiver is a Sony STR-DA5300ES with six HDMI inputs, and the projector is an Optoma HD-80. Deb and I built and finished the audio cabinetry, and I put the electronics together. Seating is a 12-foot wide, 8-person couch with two built-in recliners at the center “sweet spot” just out of the picture, a few feet in front of the cabinetry.

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