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Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013
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Deck, Section Two

Spring has sprung, and I'm working on finishing our deck project.

Section two is complete, placed eight inches higher than section one (a single standard step, more or less.)

I moved the modular railing from section one's west position to section two's south position, then built a new rail for section two's west position. The north side is open, as the next task is to set up the last section to the north, which again will be one eight-inch step up. That section will take three rail assemblies and doesn't get to conveniently steal one from the existing structure.

As you can see, I'm using railroad style bracing where I can, rather than mine bracing; it's much stronger, though it uses considerably more lumber. We get high winds, so I'm not inclined to skimp there. We'll be sheathing the whole thing with wood lattice, so the bracing won't be a cosmetic issue. I'll be adding mine bracing to all the sections I want to remain open; In addition, there are cripples in various strategic locations, with more to come as the structure nears completion. The deck is already quite strong and is going to get stronger as work progresses.

The north side is open (no railroad brace) because when Deb pulls her car under, the hood will extend here.

The lumber on the ground is for the third section and its three rails, which I hope to have built by the end of this coming weekend. Best laid plans and all of that, of course. Hah.

Then we have to sheathe it, build the half-roof (over section one and the stairs), stain the whole thing, and sink some tie-downs in concrete.

I'm kind of having fun, but I can already tell you I'll be glad when it's done. The kids have been providing huge amounts of physical help, but even so, it's a big project for a fellow who prefers to sit at a keyboard or wander around behind a camera.


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