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Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
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AEA AVT SSTV/FAX system for Amiga

Here's a blast from (way back in) my past. A bit dusty, but still 100% functional.

I developed the AVT system, a hardware/software system for the Amiga computer in 1988...1989. The purpose of the system was to send, receive, store, load and manipulate images for frequency shift keying transmission and reception. In addition to supporting all (then) existing SSTV and FAX modes, the AVT introduced a new set, designed by yours truly, which were strongly interference resistant, as well as being synchronous instead of sync-based. You could lose up to half the incoming data, and the system could reconstruct the entire image from the remaining portions.

The original system was built by me, for me, but proved of interest to the ham radio community, and eventually AEA became interested in the design. I reworked it completely for them, making it far more capable, and the result is as you see here.

I did the entire design of both versions, the original and the AEA version.was no 68705 assembler, I had to write one, for which I used Lattice C.

The circuit design was done in Electron, a schematic capture system I wrote, also in C; and I laid out the PCB using a combination of Electron and Boardmaster, a PCB layout and routing system I also wrote in a combination of C and 68000 assembler.

The Amiga side software for the AVT was written in 68000 assembler and Lattice C; nothing inline, strictly isolated functions.

The CPU programmer for the 68705 was also a design of mine, although done years previous when working for another company.

The AVT's machine code was sent to the CPU programmer using a programming utility I wrote (again in C.)

The only pre-existing tools used that I didn't create myself were Metacomco's 68000 assembler, the Lattice C compiler, and Rick Stiles' UEDIT.

This version of the AVT system won technical achievement of the year at the Dayton ARO gathering after its initial release. There was even a trophy.

I still hear these on the air from time to time on 14.230 and 14.233 MHz as of 2010, which gives me pause to smile a bit.

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