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Monday, June 11th, 2007
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1989 IROC Z28 Sound System

Here's the Z28's audio system. This is designed to be raw, loud, clean and almost instantly removable. I wasn't too concerned with looks — I kind of like the "industrial" vibe anyway.

In the well of the trunk is a 12v car battery. That is connected to the A/B/AB/off marine switch you see at lower right center. This allows me to choose to run both the front battery and the rear, and charge the rear battery at the same time as the front battery from the car's high-current alternator. Or I can select just B, and run the audio system exclusively off the rear battery. This is good when the car is off, that way you can't kill the front battery and be unable to drive away. Off is also good for maintenance; that 1 farad cap can melt a screwdriver; once the batteries are disconnected, the cap can be discharged with a resistor in a few seconds.

To the lower left is a remote CD changer. The bar nearest the viewer is a blue fluorescent that lights the system at night. In the center is a large custom choke that prevents alternator whine and such from getting into the amps. As you see it, it's been bypassed for a dB / power competition (it also limits current a bit.) I take the bridge off for normal use and for fidelity competitions. Between the choke and the cap, no charging system noise reaches the amps or crossover. To the left of the choke is a 1 farad capacitor.

Extreme right and left are heavily modified custom power amps for the subs running bridged at about 700 watts RMS each.

On top, in the center, is a 2-channel, 3-way active crossover. Left and right of it are two-channel power amps. Each one drives a midrange and a tweeter. The box itself has replaced the rear seat, and is mounted on a removable frame that comes out with a couple of bolts, allowing the seat to go back in.

For maintenance, the entire system lifts out of the frame with two handles, after detaching a few plugs and cables. The frame is a custom steel welded assembly that prevents the box from going forward in case of an accident. In the box are two 15" subs, two mids, and two tweeters, each has its own channel of amplification and individual feed and level from the active crossover.

The car has audio matting in all the doors and panel. Total system wattage is about 2 kW RMS. I've had passengers ask me to turn it up with the windows closed, and then complain that their chests "felt funny" after getting a good thumping. Me, I wear earplugs for that kind of craziness. 😊

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