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Friday, February 17th, 2012
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CPU Replacement Demo

I was working for Centuri, an arcade game company in Miami, Florida. Centuri was using a 6502-based game board for some of their games, and I remarked to Bill Olliges, the chief of engineering, that the 6809 was much more powerful and that if they were using it, we could produce more complex games. He responded that it would be very expensive to re-tool the game board; in my turn I said I could design him a little daughter board that would sit in the 6502's socket, but carry a 6809; no redesign needed for the main board. So that weekend at home, I designed the board, laid it out on a light table, brought the layout in on Monday, and he had it prototyped. Worked great.

So what you're looking at here is a quick demo program I wrote in 6809 assembler to exercise the CPU. It was doing tunnel drawing with the triangles, they were coming at you; the thing in the center was radiating all manner of lines like a star or a sun; and the spaceship was coming forward as can be seen here (the exposure time was long enough to get several instances of the ship on film. All concurrently, and all without particularly straining the processor.

Centuri hired me on the strength of looking over my Missile Command

clone. I sure had some fun times at Centuri. 😊

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