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Sunday, February 17th, 2008
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Gibson ES-125 TDC, approx 1967

This is a Sears tube amp combo and my old Gibson ES-125 TDC guitar in my living room (in my parents house) from back in the sixties (I think... might have been early seventies... as the saying goes, if you can remember, you weren't really there.) The image is a scan from a terribly beat-up old print, it's been pushed hard with Aperture in order to bring the guitar out as best I could manage.

I really need to take the image into WinImages and restore it; need to cut a couple hours out of my schedule to pull that off, though. If I do, I'll upload it and put a pointer here.

This setup was in place for a jam with Chris Knight, son of famed SF writer Damon Knight. Chris went on to found the LA School of Recording in Los Angeles, California. Among many other talents, Chris was at the time, and I presume still is, a superb drummer, and later added guitarist to his skillset. The living room was right next to my mother's office, and I remember how positive and enthusiastic she was about that particular jam session; I give my mother and Chris a great deal of credit for my continuing interest and participation in making music.

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