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Sunday, October 1st, 2017
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Digital Soup

"They're not alive when we ship them to you!"

This is an artificial life program I wrote waaaay back in the day for the Amiga. Here, it's running on my Mac under the FS-UAE emulator, in turn under Amiga Workbench 3.1.

You either designed, or randomly seeded, a set of "crits", or "critters", then set up a bunch of environmental constraints for them, then let them live and breed. If you set the breeding choices to preferentially mate the better performing crits, then the next generation would improve. After many generations, you'd end up with extremely high-performance crits based on the environment you provided. If you changed the environment, they might or might not be able to deal with it right off the bat, but if you let them breed, they'd alter their DNA to cope, and eventually you'd have high-performance crits again.

The genes specified basic environmental behaviors; what to do if there was a rock, food, another crit, how to move, etc. It really was a great program, really fun to monkey with.

Mating produced a new crit with genes selected randomly from the two parents. As the generations wear on, the crit's performance would, in general, improve, selecting for the most effective behaviors, given the fitness modifiers in effect, or essentially, the environmental conditions.

You can download my Amiga software here for free. No fees, adware, no malware, just archives of the original software distributions. Enjoy.

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