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Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
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Master Bath

This is a shot of our master bathroom (well, shower/powder room... the bathtub is in the next room, actually) just after Deb finished the mosaic you see on the far wall. The odd lighting over the mosaic is an artifact of the camera flash being reflected from the far mirror; if you look, you can see the outline of the furthest lamp on the right of the mosaic. Mirrors are not always co-operative elements of the photo process.

We hired out the plumbing, I built the room and did the wiring; she designed everything and did all the finish work. The sinks are from Mexico; Deb found them on EBay. We took an old sideboard and cut the legs down to a reasonable height and installed the sinks in it, along with some hardware from Menard's.

The ceiling isn't done yet; we plan to paint, then put recessed lighting up between the BCI's (artificial beams) and then put thin garden lattice up to give it a more open, spacious look. The ceilings are low, about 6'7", because the building's overall height was 14' and splitting that into two floors makes for a bit of a short room. That's the key reason for recessing the lighting.

This bathroom kind of "happened." I mean, I made plans and had a pretty good idea what we wanted, but it just didn't work out that way.

The room ended up being about 11' square. Pretty large for a bathroom. Although the church offered a lot of space (50x30, or 1500 sq. feet on each of three floors), we didn't really plan to have such a large bathroom. It sort of defined itself in spite of our plans.

I started with a plan for a seven foot wide room; still 11' long, because that's how wide the floor above it is, which is the base for the 1/2 loft that is the music studio. Well, do you see that counter on the far wall? We were going to take that out and put the wall about in the middle of where it sits. But when I went to actually do it, we found that it wasn't just a counter... it was a cover for some stairs that go from the first floor to the basement behind that wall. So there was no way it could be removed — we'd have been looking down into an open stairwell through the floor.

Whoops. That meant that the left wall here had to move back two and half feet to include the counter in the room (rather than have it half-in, half-out.) So the room went from seven feet wide to nine and a half feet right there. Then when we went to put in the toilet on the opposite wall, the plumber informed us that because of where the building's structural members were located in the floor, we'd have to move it back another foot and a half so that the plumbing wouldn't compromise the structure. Which meant that the wall behind it had to move, too. Bingo, an eleven foot wide room.

Now that it's done, we actually really enjoy the extra space; it is easy to get dressed in there, to towel off after a shower and so forth, and we can stand side by side at the washbasins without getting in each other's way at all, which is very nice. Now that I've had some time to get used to a larger bathroom, I have to say that I'd do it again. It feels luxurious and friendly; the other more typical bathrooms (two) seem quite cramped by comparison, as do others we encounter away from home. As it turns out, perhaps bathrooms aren't quite given the space they deserve; we do spend a fair amount of time in them. Simply put, that time is considerably more pleasant if the room isn't cramped, as many bathrooms are.

It isn't visible in the image, but this bathroom has its own music system; there's a subwoofer underneath the sinks, and surrounds up in the BCI's. The receiver is a Marantz 2285B. We feed it Sirius satellite radio over FM via 75 ohm coax.



Width: 1280
Height: 960
Company:  Fujifilm
Camera:  FinePix S3000
Shot On:  2006:11:07 03:22:23
Aperture:  ƒ/2.8
Exposure Time:  1/60th second
Exposure Program:  Normal Program
ISO:  125

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