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Monday, October 22nd, 2012
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New Digs, New Desk

I've moved from my old digs, in the process gaining a lot of open, comfy space. The computers are now behind the wall there, so fan and drive noise is entirely gone (was actually very loud with my previous setup... those Dell machines may be fast, but they're loud ); I can walk behind the wall and have direct access to the Macpro or either of the linux servers quite easily.

The desk goes 2 feet left at the inside corner there where the Yamaha stereo fits, and extends 6 feet to the right, 8 feet in total. From the corner, I have six more feet before it turns into Deb's desk we each got 1/2 the space, which works really well.

The Macpro normally drives six monitors, but (I guess) I broke one when moving, it wouldn't power up — so what you see here is five Macpro displays and one of the security monitors. That'll change after a while.

To the right of my desk is a 3 foot by 4 foot tall shelf, on top of which I have my camera bag; the shelf holds various things I like to have handy. Deb's arrangement is similar, but she has a six-foot shelf, and has also slid a filing cabinet under the desk. The only things under my desk are a guitar amp, which rolls out on wheels, and the 12" subwoofer for my Macpro/Yamaha audio system.

The west wall has the door to the room, and the freshwater through-wall fish tank. It's very pleasant having the fishies in the office! I've also hung up a couple of guitars so that I can jam out whenever I'm so motivated. I use Logic Pro and Flying Haggis on the Macpro, and there's a Fender Twin under the desk, too.

I expect this will change a bit over the next months, I'll re-post as it evolves.

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Width: 1582
Height: 1055
Company:  Canon
Camera:  Canon EOS 50D
Shot On:  2012:10:22 17:24:43
Aperture:  ƒ/7.1
Focal Length:  18.0mm
Metering Mode:  Spot
Exposure Mode:  Manual
Flash:  Did Not Fire
Exposure Time:  1/15th second
Exposure Program:  Manual
ISO:  400

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